Statement of Work (SoW)

Dealing with contracts, suppliers and overseeing the delivery of work can be a time consuming process.

Our statement of work (SoW) management service eliminates risk and maximises returns.

The SoW is designed to give you visibility and consistency with all your projects, defining milestones, timelines, pricing and specific role requirements.

In effect, it holds us accountable for the successful execution and delivery of the programme.

As each SoW will have its own categories, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ management solution, but it is likely that the single contract will cover:

  • Defined timescales
  • Service deliverables
  • Project-specific activities
  • Resource capability profiles
  • MI reports
  • Invoicing schedules

The benefits of SoW include:

Advantage xPO Benefits_0

Cost savings

Improved efficiency and streamlined processes deliver significant cost savings and ROI

Advantage xPO Benefits_1

Transparency and visibility

SoW provides a greater level of visibility and transparency into spend, helping to manage costs

Advantage xPO Benefits_2

Compliance and control

Improved compliance mitigates risk and provides greater control over the workforce, whilst an improved approvals process helps increase project success

Advantage xPO Benefits_3

Flexible resource pool

Improved resourcing decisions mean higher quality candidates and the ability to scale according to the demands of the project

Advantage xPO Benefits_4

Access to the best candidates

Contractors engaged under a SoW model fall outside of the incoming IR35 regulations and therefore allow access to the highest calibre candidates

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