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      Dispelling Disability Myths


Advantage Group UK recently ran a special roundtable with The Ability People (TAP), a social enterprise dedicated to empowering the skilled disability population.

The purpose of the event was to create a ‘safe environment’ where employers could ask all those awkward questions and discuss all those sensitive topics that relate to disability in the workplace.

We were delighted to welcome a number of inspirational speakers and facilitators from The Ability People, including Paralympians Liz Johnson and Rachael Latham.

As well as sharing their personal experiences about living with the realities of disability, they also described how they have managed to overcome impairment barriers to do incredible things in the worlds of sport, industry, community and education.  Their unique perspective enables them to see talent that others may miss. 

The session included highly interactive hands-on exercises and an open forum to raise questions and discuss concerns.  In fact, to parody a well-known Woody Allen film, it was “Everything you always wanted to know about disability in the workplace but were too afraid to ask!”  One of the key takeaways was that we often worry so much about asking the wrong question, that we end up making a wrong assumption instead, which is far more damaging for all concerned.   

All the delegates left the event with a much better idea on how to ‘live’ inclusion and create a culture in their workplace where equality is no longer simply talked about, but becomes business as usual.

Here are just a few of the feedback comments received:

“A really inspiring event and message!”

“A very powerful and thought-provoking event.”

“I loved the positive energy and the ‘safe environment’ of the forum.”

“A really insightful and refreshing approach to discussing disabilities and dispelling the myths!”

“I particularly appreciated hearing first-hand experiences from individuals with all types of disabilities and how they have succeeded in their field.”

“Some really important issues were raised and it was great to be able to discuss them in a ‘safe’ and open forum.”


We will be running further events featuring key employment issues, so look out for more details in due course!