What is an MSP?

A Managed Service Programme (MSP) is a highly effective way of getting to grips with your contingent workforce. It provides visibility, tracking, reporting and analysis of all contingent workforce procurement.

At Advantage xPO, we understand that the scope and focus of a model will differ from client to client. We work closely with you to develop a bespoke programme, ensuring you derive maximum benefit from our solution.

Our MSPs include:

  • On-site contingent workforce programmes
  • Management of the requisition to offer process
  • Supplier management
  • VMS (vendor management system) technology oversight
  • Multiple approaches (e.g. neutral, master or hybrid vendor)
  • Contractor compliance
  • Robust reporting and quality control

Types of MSP programmes:

  • Neutral vendor – all suppliers have an equal opportunity to fill a role
  • Master vendor – the master vendor is given the opportunity to fill a role first and passes it on to other suppliers if required
  • Hybrid – combines elements of the Neutral and Master vendor programmes
  • Blended programme – a combination of MSP and RPO
MSP programmes

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