Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Compliance and risk mitigation are central to our business operations.

Each of our MSP and RPO programmes is carefully designed to comply with all legal requirements and best recruitment practice.

Our dedicated compliance and audit team mitigates risk for our clients by implementing and auditing rigorous controls in the following key areas:

Compliant recruitment processes

Our recruitment processes comply with all legislative requirements and industry standards.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Legislation relating to the conduct of employment agencies and employment businesses
  • Equal opportunities
  • Health and safety
  • Taxation
  • Data protection

Effective procurement & supply chain management

This ensures consistently high standards across all agencies, including:

  • Annual onsite audits
  • Monthly audit reporting
  • Full and comprehensive supplier process documentation

Robust candidate screening

This includes:

  • Eligibility to work
  • DBS checks
  • References
  • Credit checks

Enhanced checks

We provide enhanced checks for limited company contractors, including insurance provisions.

Legislative updates

Regular client briefings and guidance on legislation that impacts the recruitment market.

Alignment with UK tax laws

Compliant candidate engagement models that align with UK tax laws


All of our processes and procedures have been subjected to and have achieved the internationally recognised quality standard ISO 9001.


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